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Patch Ice Prices

Individual Patch Ticket (Blades Member) £6.50
Individual Patch Ticket (Non-Member) £6.90
Non-Skating Admissions £1.90
Book of 6 Patch Tickets (Blades Member) £35.00
Book of 6 Patch Tickets (Non-Member) £37.10
Monthly Patch Pass (Blades Member) £86.00
Monthly Patch Pass (Non-Member) £110.00



Conditions Of Admission

  1. You must be in possession of pre-paid admission when using the Morning Patch Session
  2. You must 'sign in and out' on the 'log' provided (Up until 9.00am when the Arena Reception opens)
  3. Record your patch ticket number and put that ticket in the box at the 'Patch Desk'.
  4. Payment in arrears is not permitted
  5. Any persons found abusing the system will automatically be excluded from the Arena indefinitely.
  6. Professional Coaches are not permitted to conduct lessons where a pre-paid admission has not been made.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Patch Ice user to purchase tickets at the available times prior to using the Patch Session.
  8. Monthly Patch users must be a current Gym Member.
  9. You must show your Blackburn Blades Members pass to receive Blades Member rates.
Please Note: *During school holiday Mega-Sessions the Lunchtime Patch Sessions are cancelled. If unsure please check with the Coaches or at the Arena Reception.

Silver Blades Blackburn

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Tel: 08700 85 29 29
Rink Manager: Mark Halliwell